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Vital One Technologies is a provider of SaaS (Software as a Service) applications and web based platforms.

We provide practical solutions for improving Risk Management & Duty of Care procedures in the management and access of critical first response information in emergencies. Our unique approach creates flexibility with technology that ensures Vital Information is available in seconds – Quick, Accurate and Accessible – a perfect marriage of online and offline capabilities with no confusion. Let us help you or your organisation to Be Prepared today.

Mobile is Hot, as phones get smarter, so does marketing. As the continued growth of iPhones and Smartphones brought the technology into the mainstream, using mobile technology can move a business from high cost, one way customer intersactions to low cost interactive experiences. Significantly, mobile marketing could also have a big impact on consumer loyalty & branding. Consumers want content delivered when they need it and because mobile exoeriences can be addictive, it becomes a building block for customer loyalty.
For businesses – The Future Is Mobile!

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